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API 5.0

It’s now just the WordPress built-in REST API. Except with a few lines of code such that ?orderby=rand works. So:


EVERY OTHER API IS SHUT DOWN. Sorry about that, but it’s been a long road.

The 4.0 API used the WordPress REST API, but the v1 of it that required a plugin to be active. This plugin broke the site when Gutenberg became a thing. So now we’re using the baked-in v2 of the REST API. This is great for long-term maintenance, but unfortunate in that the old URL’s break and it’s less full-featured than any of the APIs that came before it. Note how we even need special code to make the randomization work.

Did I break your thing? Sorry about that, but this is a free site that I have very little time to maintain. I’d rather keep the thing online forever with as little technical debt as I can, and so sometimes I have to roll with default technology like this.